Austin Bird Control 10 years of working in the business have taught our company how to effectively safeguard the health of the public, the environment, and the wildlife creatures. We offer solutions to your bird problems that do not involve the use of chemicals or toxic fumes. We aim to offer bird control strategies that are safe, humane, effective, and eco-friendly. Choosing us will be a decision that you will never regret. Our mission is to deliver a solution that will protect the integrity of your home and the safety of the people who reside there. Getting the birds out of your house or business can be a daunting procedure. You want to make sure that you are hiring a specialist who has been authorized and certified to complete the job. We have all the necessary permits and licenses to conduct even the most complex type of bird infestation. We will implement an aggressive approach that will attack the root cause of the issue. Our methods will not compel you to leave your property temporarily. All our bird control strategies have been proven safe and will not cause massive harm to the environment or both targeted and non-targeted creatures. We have worked with different major industries including but not limited to transportation, manufacturing, retail, and food industry.

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